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We take the responsibility of caring for your fur baby very seriously! Our policies are in place to provide the best care and to ensure the upmost safety to yours and other dogs whilst in our care. Policies are subject to change without prior notice.

Fees, Payment, Deposits & Cancellations


  • A bespoke interconnecting suite can be offered for a family of dogs if you wish for them to stay together  
  • Our fees includes daily walks, exercise sessions  in our secure outdoor play area, electric underfloor heating in each suite, fully air conditioned & insulated building and free access to our webcams via a mobile application.
  • Our fees are charged per dog per day therefore you will be charged for the full day of arrival and departure. This enables you to have the flexibility of being able to drop your dog/s off and collect them in line with pre arranged slotting time windows
  • Overnight stays must be collected within Winshaw Woofies morning drop off/collection window otherwise a full day rate is charged due to the kennel being blocked from other clients during that day.
  • Bookings & pricings are based on price per dog, we can accommodate a family of dogs but the breed size will determine how we are able to accommodate. 
  • Our fees are charged per day rate/ overnight rate per dog. £25 per overnight stay collecting before 9am the following morning. £20 per day stay collecting before our closing schedule.


  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your reservation being made by debit/credit card/ Bank Transfer.
  • Balance of fees is payable on or prior to arrival by debit/credit card, bank transfer. For security purposes we do not take cash.


  • We ask that you please give 48 hours notice for cancellations. Where no show/prior cancellation is not given you may be asked to pre pay for future bookings.
  • We require a 3-day minimum for boarding during holiday and peak season times, in line with the peak season calendar released each year
  • Deposits are none refundable during cancellations.

Vaccines & Fleas

Your dog's health is important to us! For the safety and protection of all of our dog guests, the following vaccines are required:

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • Parvo/Distemper

  • Rabies

Every dog that attends Winshaw Woofies is to be on an up to date preventative flea regime. Our facility is cleaned daily and our grounds are treated regularly. If your dog has fleas, you will be notified immediately and they will be given a flea "spot on" treatment at the owner's expense in consideration of the other guests at Winshaw Woofies.


Its mandatory that puppies must have had the entire series of vaccines prior to receiving any service at Winshaw Woofies


  • Evaluations for out side playgroups: We evaluate dogs for playgroups during their stay. Dogs are assessed on their temperament to determine if placement in a playgroup is appropriate along with information provided by the owner. Dogs benefit greatly from the socialization , fun and entertainment that playgroups provide. However, not every dog has the stability and temperament necessary, therefore we always place the needs of the dog first, and would never put a dog in a situation that isn't safe or appropriate for that dog's needs, or other dogs in our care. If a dog is not approved for playgroups, they will still get the same amount of playtime, just one-on-one time with a Dog Care Specialists.
  • Evaluations for boarding:  Dogs that are kennel aggressive or extremely dog reactive may not be a good fit for our boarding facility as we target full day interaction.
  • Dog Playgroups : Dogs are placed in playgroups according to their needs such as size, temperament, and energy level. We do not leave our dog groups unsupervised and encourage good play behavior, reinforce training, as well as discourage undesired behaviors. Our staff are trained to recognize stress signals, dog reactions, and to intervene and redirect before problems arise. We work with each client to determine the best needs for your fur baby (rest periods, lunch feeding, etc.). Dogs are rotated between outside play and open air kennels and we will do our best to ensure each dogs paws are washed off from any "dirty play" before returning them to you.

Dog Aggression:

We are not able to accept any dogs that display any human aggression or have any bite history. If your dog becomes aggressive/ un-controlling during their stay, you will be asked to pick them up immediately. Winshaw Woofies does not cater for dogs whom are unable to mix with other dogs as this detracts labour hours from the full kennel responsibility and moves the business away from the Luxury open air free roam design!

Right To Refuse Admittance

Winshaw Woofies reserve the right to refuse to accept any dog which we consider is either dangerous to our staff, is clearly unwell or does not have current vaccinations.

Veterinary Care If Required:

If your dog requires immediate veterinary care, we will contact you immediately to make arrangements to visit our local, personal vet. If need be, Winshaw Woofies will call our emergency vet. Your fur baby's health is our priority. The dog owner will be responsible for any vet related expenses.

Personal Belongings

You do not need to bring any personal items, as each boarding guest will have the necessary bedding, as well as water and food bowls. However if you wish to, you can bring your fur baby's favorite blankie/matt to help them feel more comfortable while they are away from home. All personal belongings will be kept in each dog's private boarding area.


  • Winshaw Woofies require that you supply your own food as its important for our guests to have their regular food and keeping their eating schedule to maintain healthy digestion and reduced stress on your dog/s whilst boarding.
  • Please label the dog's food and provide feeding instructions.

  • We are able to keep dog food that requires refrigeration

  • Treats will be offered (upon owners permission).

Medication and Supplements

If your dog requires medication or daily supplements, please bring all medication/supplements clearly labeled with instructions. You will also need to fill out a medication sheet.

Bathing Services (not a groom) During Boarding

We will not leave any dog dirty / uncomfortable during their stay from their outdoor activities.

All dogs will be free from dirt and smelling fresh before leaving Winshaw Woofies.


Winshaw Woofies boarding takes photos of dogs during their stay to share with their owners and post on social media platforms, website, or other materials at the discretion of Winshaw Woofies Boarding. You must actively inform Winshaw Woofies if you do not consent.


Our fees include full insurance covering anything arising whilst in our care. *Treatment for pre-existing illnesses and conditions will not be covered by our insurance.